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Free Marketing Training

Module One

Social Marketing, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Do you truly know your clients?

Before you start planning your sales funnel or creating an advert, not to mention going for paid advertising, you need to do this one thing.

You must know your customer completely!

One of the most overlooked, but vitally important aspects of marketing.

Many business owners believe they know their customers. With rudimentary data such as their gender, age and perhaps their location, and stop right there. Maybe even go as far as saying your market is “homeowners” or “mothers” It's a good start, but these targets are much to general to go after. Your competition already knows this. This is a huge mistake, because really knowing them can make the difference between winning and losing.

You need to uncover your customer's desires, their fears, hopes and dreams. Move beyond the obvious and work out how your audience thinks. Figuring out your customer's “why” is the key to understanding them. It's also the key to being able to solve their problems and help them get where they want to be.

Knowing your desired customer, changes how you offer your product/service. Your marketing strategy, value proposition, tone of your copy, what channels you advertise on.

Advertising channels change. Software changes. Algorithms change. But the fundamentals of learning what people want, understanding exactly how you can help them, will always stay the same.

When you product/service helps your buyer reach their hopes, dreams and desires, it becomes much easier to write your marketing copy accordingly.

Research on Goog​le

A more in-depth research or comprehensive research will enable you to have a greater understanding of your clients

Search 2 -3 major keywords, or phrases around your product/service. The auto-suggest results provided by Google and Bing can give you great insight to what question people are asking. Let say you have a travel company, go to Google and type in “travel” (Google will bring up the most questions asked in that category.)

Also scroll down to “Related questions.”

Type in “Travel to South Africa Reviews”

Search Google for popular blogs, LinkedIn forums, Youtube, Reddit, Quara and social platforms, see what comments people are leaving and what questions they are asking.

Social Marketing, Graphic Design, Logo Design
Social Marketing, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Research on Amazon Books

Go to Am​ – yes, the online bookstore, search books related with your company product/service. Study both the 5-star and 2-star reviews. It’s important to know what the readers found helpful and what they did not like.

Social Marketing, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Research Answer The Public

Another great tool to see what your customers are asking is, A​ This is one of the best-kept secrets in the sales and marketing industry and will give you invaluable insight.

At AnswerThePublic, you type in your keyword or phrase and the tool generates a diagram of related searches. Depending on your search term, you can get hundreds of results that give you direct insight into what your audience is thinking and the questions they’re asking. Once you know their questions and issues, you can provide a solution.

This tool is free, if you are only doing a one search a day. Not sure how long that will last, so don’t waste time, visit as soon as possible.

Once you receive your diagram, you can click on the related questions, this will take you to the Google page where the question was asked. You need to follow this through for more in-depth research. 

We use this with every job we get as a starting point. Remember to download your diagrams, because as a free subscriber, it will not be saved on the website. You can also download a report.

Social Marketing, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Research through Surveys

Send your existing clients a short survey – google forms is an easy way to create perfect forms.

Ps. Thank you to those of you who participated in my survey! :)

This is an awesome way of collecting data. This useful information can teach you a lot about the customers you want to attract and to understand them better.

You should make significant efforts to provide your customers with a positive experience every single day!

Depending on your product/service, you can ask question like:

  • Which alternatives did you consider before purchasing the product?
  • What would you improve if you could?
  • What is your most positive part of the product or service?
  • If there was one new feature you could suggest, what would it be and why?
  • Do you prefer to shop on your phone or your laptop?
  • What’s your most important priority when (insert something related to your industry)?
  • What’s your biggest roadblock when (insert something related to your product)?
  • How likely are you to recommend (insert product or service) to others?
  • Do you agree or disagree that your issue was effectively resolved?

Keep it short and to the point and before creating your survey, Google, “questions to ask on a customer survey” for better insight.

Google Forms

We are going to build most of our marketing material around that, so please keep it save.

Click here and download the form to compile a summary.

Click to download this module in PDF